Tuesday, October 2, 2007

New literacies and cyberlife

Book review underway and just need to spout a bit...
distributed and procedural knowledge
ICRT - information, communication and relationship technology
Mindsets "forged in cyberspace"

as opposed to propositional knowledge and information delivery
IT - Information technology

Compare this kind of thing with 'ordinary lives' and the concept of digital careers so that even the digital native has to grow up. Does 'new literacy' and its amorphous skillset, that is so dependent on the virtual, actually cross over to the real. I mean, I know that some people seem to 'live' a lot of their life in/on the Internet but what is the essential difference or are there no differences that matter? I remember, "real experiences without real consequences" - although sometimes the cross-over is very real.
I was surprised not to see 'distributed' in the Web2.0 cloud. I looked pretty hard.

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