Friday, February 15, 2008

m-IT Skills

It was in a meeting yesterday that this occurred to me. Micro-IT skills are what makes the paperless marking process easier or infernal to conduct. When I'm doing things I quickly work out the quickest way of doing things although I'm not averse to finding an even quicker way. For example, keyboard shortcuts (especially the really useful everyday ones CTRL+z, x, c, v). Everyone should know about these but seemingly not everyone does. It sounds really basic - the kind of thing people can pick up from ECDL but dont always. Anyway, now I've been asked to document the ones I recommend for paperless marking.... These skills are mighty with a small m, they also are the kind of thing I (mike - with a littlem (my moniker in Second Life) tend to emphasise so I coined the phrase m-IT Skills (this has nothing to do with one of the world's greatest Universities although someone there has probably beaten me to it!)

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