Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Macbook (hot)Air

Nice review in this month's PC plus by Alex Cox...
'all thin and light and cutesy, is a trick. It's a careful psychological manipulator, designed to extract money from pockets. You don't actually want one, but smooth Steve is going to do his best to make you think you do. From the early information leaks, with the name of the machine released to eagle-eyed network sniffers at MAcWorld, to the MacWorld presentation itself, to the generic Apple advert; it's all a carefully constructed dream.'

He says, 'Would we buy a MacBook Air? No, We'd buy a MacBook Pro. Yes, you pay a similar premium for buying Mac hardware but you get so much more than you do with the Air.' He points out that the Pro is only 0.6cm thicker and 1.4lb heavier and concludes that the Air is 'not a good buy'.

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