Thursday, July 31, 2008


This term (blackboardasaurus) appears in Jon Dron's book 'Control and Constraint in e-learning' which I have recently read for review. I like it because it works on several fronts. For one thing Blackboard looks and feels 'old' compared to any decent Web 2.0 interface. I have sympathy with the view that learning technology would be released from a pall of drabness if blackboardasaurus would do the decent thing and become extinct. Far from promoting innovation, it sinks all too readily to the lowest common denominator of faceless 'document dump'. Indeed, I am slightly miffed that if you propose something genuinely useful, blackboardasaurus is rolled out to stifle such... 'why go to the bother of doing x when you can do y (something approximating to x) in blackboardasaurus'? Result=nothing gets done.

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