Sunday, August 24, 2008

Another day of progress

The plaster covering where his arterial line got pulled off today and he's not getting drip-fed morphine. He's still got his PCA (patient controlled analgesia) but that is not getting used much. It looks like he's going to be changing ward tomorrow.
Yawning now, reflecting on a day of pretty strong emotions for me. Ally chose to stay with Pads rather than go to church which is fair enough - I think there would have been a lot of blubbing and certainly not just from her. I ended up stayed with her and Pads through the evening service too and read Psalm 46 with them. This is the Psalm that he recited at the top of Pen-y-Fan when we were getting pelted by hail in a white-out earlier this year.
Thanks Bethan for donating your autograph of Tom Baker to the cause of his restored health (he was my favourite Dr actually).

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