Thursday, October 30, 2008

Made his day

It so happened that his best mate was available to come over today so that was great. He's missed so much school recently that they've hardly seen each other. Pads has recovered from the fall earlier: he cleaned out a rabbit hutch; walked to the hospital to have a line put in for bloods today and vincristin tomorrow; he's eaten a respectable lunch; walked the dog; and soon it's radiotherapy.
Later - The blood results were good. He's still neutropenic but is showing signs of recovery, at 900 he's now just under the target of 1000 to be considered safe. Back from the flu jab: he's got to have this each year now. He was very worried about it and squirmed and yelped when it happened but then it was over. He was very reluctant for the nurse to put his line into the port earlier - really needed me to hold both his hands to stop him trying to fend the nurse off. But then it was over. They all say he's really brave. If it didnt hurt at all or if it didnt scare him at all then where's the bravery in that?

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