Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Well that was quite a low today but things have plateaued since - they were just so tired and distraught.... Pads has eaten a bit and he's walking about, fairly 'chipper'. This evening, Ally went to the prayer meeting and I brought the other kids in to watch Jurassic Park with them in the big TV lounge in the top floor of the children's hospital. It was released in 1993 and I showed them the 50p-VCR-from-the-charity-shop version but it still makes excellent entertainment - some of these 'old' films are not to be overlooked you know. Of course the best entertainment was mine, watching them watching seminal cinematic moments, such as only Spielberg can serve up (e.g. the weird ripple in the water caused by an approaching T-rex, T-rex eating the lawyer from a WC, and so on).
We were encouraged the other day by Faith's Chequebook for the 19th
He gives us love without measure but chastisement "in measure."... It is the measure of wisdom, the measure of sympathy, the measure of love, by which our chastisement is regulated. Far be it from us to rebel against appointments so divine. LORD, if Thou standest by to measure the bitter drops into my cup, it is for me cheerfully to take that cup from Thy hand and drink according to Thy directions, saying, "Thy will be done."
It would be lovely to get him home for the weekend/half term.

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