Thursday, December 4, 2008

Great concert!

Moli was singing in the C&V High Schools Choir last night at St David's Hall. At the end Pads was particularly impressed that the collection was being taken for CLIC Sargent (because one of the orchestra members has cancer) Bo and Pads (back at school yesterday - but complaining of odd things like 'my legs feel like they've got sunburn') really enjoyed it although Asher thought he was better off at the ice hockey... We know better. Bo was blown away by the orchestra and will be haunted by the choir's final piece for ages (will try and get you a clip of it sometime soon).
Ally went with Rhys to Velindre yesterday for more results. The news was good - its the more common form of non-Hodgkins lymphoma. Treatment starts Friday with 20 tablets of steroids. The big chemo drugs will come on the following Friday. Rhys is enjoying Ruth providing him with all the food he used to have to sneak (although I hear he's fed up of chocolate!).

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