Monday, December 22, 2008


We werent allowed to take photos at Highgrove although Mark Cleghorn was on hand again to capture the event. It was much shorter and closer to home but delightful non-the-less. Bowls of haribos, plates laden with chocolate bars, and various other goodies were served up by the excellent staff. All the kids enjoyed being with the Welsh Guards again and followed the conjuror around as if he was the Pied Piper; add to that another visit from Santa and the time was filled very agreeably. The Duchess of Cornwall was with the group for about an hour, talking with the children most of the time. Pads studiously avoided her so I tipped Tony (Curtis) off about it and he managed to get a really good photo of Camilla and P together.
We spent a while in the shop, choosing affordable souvenirs, before getting back into the coach where we were presented with a bag of goodies from said shop, courtesy of Her Royal Highness!
Ally was just taking the dog (Moses) for a walk. He, having shot across the road, got bumped by a van and is now being stabilised in a vets. We should find out in the next 6 hours how serious his injuries are.

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Ruth said...

he's on his 4th life!

Jabbed to avoid being born after conception

not drowned when he arrived on that fateful bank holiday monday (to his 9 month old mother)- hence MOSES

The car!!!!!!