Monday, December 8, 2008

A right pair

'Pads' is back and Rhys is on steroids - quite a combination! P went to school with a 2 inch bruise on his head after spending quite a bit of time yesterday with a sucker attached to his head so that he could hang a Christmas tree bauble from it. I did get a picture on condition that I didnt blog it!
I discovered that some of you are worried about the connotations of us taking two school days off and the link to The Joshua Foundation site: implication being that things have become much more serious than I was letting on. This is not the case, we're still enjoying the break from treatment. We still have a few side-effects hanging about but, really, these are the good times. We took the kids out of school to take back some quality family time in this window of wellness, considering the time of it we've had and the uncertainty around how P will react to chemo in the New Year. He may well be fine but he also may flounder, as he did with the chemo he's had so far.

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