Monday, January 19, 2009

Jaunt to Tesco's

So Pads came alive again at about 3pm, just in time for the visit from Jo and Tim who have recently got engaged. This is Steve, my brother's eldest. They set a date today, managed to book a large room in Tredegar House on 27th August, a Thursday. They were passing and eventually met all the family, dogs, and several visitors. Congratulations to them and well done for not hanging around ;-)
Yes, P was quite the 'life and soul', chirpy, wisecracks, funny faces... contrasting strongly with earlier in the day when he hardly dragged himself about. By dinner time, he and his family were having great fun with the idea that his fingers were so long, especially if they decide he needs growth hormone, he would be made up for life, advertising his services as 'Padi's Pinkies', 'Did something roll under your fridge? Dont delay, send for Pads today!'
Later on he and mum went on a hunt for the toastie maker he's fancied buying with the money the radiographers raised for him. They dared to park in the 'blue spaces', we dont have our disabled badge yet. Ally was not willing for him to walk as far as the nearest other space and if anyone queried it, P could flash his cranium.... on the condition that they went to a changing room. The range of kettles and toasters was staggering but they only had one cheese toasty maker... I had said that he could get a puzzle with _his_ money and that's what they came out with - two in fact, very good value. And he came away with dinner for tomorrow night - a PotNoodle. We've opted for Amazon's offering, a Breville TR40 Sandwich Press, no less.

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