Saturday, February 7, 2009

first up

The last two days have been pretty quiet for Pads - everyone's been concentrating on getting enough calories into him (recommended amount is about 2000 for boys of his age). He made it to school on Friday - but only to watch Asher's class assembly.
P was first up today - appearing at about 8am. Now he's doing the puzzle book Miss Evans (Y Pennaeth) kindly got him - he's fairly marching through it.
He seems quite frail - getting up (from sitting down) too quickly makes him dizzy. Another side-effect that the other parents have spoken of too - especially of the vincristine - is being grumpy. On top of the tiredness, that can make him seem quite impolite which is something he really battles with and feels bad about after the event. I'm thinking of Thursday evening, when some special American visitors were trying in vain to make conversation... It was however, delightful and thrilling to hear Pastor Bob Dickie give his testimony and, after that, an extended version of the remarkable providences that led up to the church owning the chapel and hall on Penywain Road. The buildings were in a very good condition for us to just move in and start holding services but they were in need of a lot of attention too... particularly in preparing it for the official opening on 28th March, 3pm - you coming? I think it's going to be busy!
Here's a picture of Bo just after getting invested as a beaver cub scout - very keen and proud.

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