Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Kidney function and hearing test

His hearing is fine but there was more palava today with the needle - he did yelp and scream a bit. The Dr was wonderful with him though. We discovered that the urea was high again so they do need to do another blood test before his chemo on Tuesday next. Reviewing the process, it was observed that his arm was so thin they didnt really need a tourniquet. His weight has dropped again - he now barely registers at 29.5 Kg. Ally was so amazed at the news that she wanted a second opinion and took P up to another ward to check! However, he's packed in a decent amount of calories today - partly thanks to a steak donation!
Just scanning his school work from last week - seems he got very good marks (that was maths). Also arriving home was another lovely card from Year 6 with most if not all his peers writing to say they were missing him. It might be another 5 weeks before he's well enough to see them in school.
Pads is happy though, the postman finally delivered his replacement Blue Peter Badge Card, vital for gaining free entry to many of the UK's interesting sights. He'd got too excited with the original, sticking the film down without putting his photo underneath. I plundered the photo from his Tai Kwon Do licence (which he wont be needing until the brain surgeon gives him the go ahead - might be never on that one...).
This made us laugh: he was set the task of writing an acrostic poem based on the word Christmas:
Christmas has come, and T
He bells are ringing
Roast turkey comes, we'll soon all be s
St Nick is coming for his annual cookie ea
Ting spree.
Morning comes with presents under the tree.
And soon there is a ripping noi
Se, of paper, HOORAY!
Moli was off school today and so had plenty of opportunity to romp in the snow but the smalls had to go in and so Ally took them up the Wenallt for a spin on the snow-disks. This nicely gratified all the excitement of the last two days, watching the white stuff arrive without being able to spend much time in it. Even the thought of walking to school yesterday was transformed in the hope that it might snow on the way.

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