Sunday, March 15, 2009

back to the calorie count

ah yes - I remember this... 'Pads, would you like a build-up (milkshake)?', or, 'Pads, have a drink', or, 'Sorry, I cant finish that', or, 'No thanks'. Yesterday I would be amazed if he got above 1000 calories, but it was his first day off the tube... let's see what today brings. He's getting up and about

There are just a couple more days left for you to view Deborah Draper on iplayer...

Seems like some people visiting her blog couldnt tell that the tears at the end of the film were caused by overwhelming joy at the grace of God. Wales could do with an army of people with her boldness... as in the days of Howell Harris. Seems like she's getting a lot of flak about science. Apparently '90% of scientists' oppose her views - if that was 100% we'd have something to worry about but thankfully science is not about majority rule.

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