Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Dog walking

Pads was in good form again today. He did well in his 'Verbal reasoning skills' test. The other boys had glowing reports from their teachers at the Parents evening, which is always lovely to hear.
Today he had more children asking about his tube, but this time it was pretty comical, coming from cute little year 1 children: when he said it was because he wasnt eating enough their curiosity quickly turned to retorting that he was a 'bad boy' and he 'should eat more' :-)
It was another lovely Spring day here: Pads even took the dog for a walk (first time since December) when he came home from school, wearing his baseball cap - the first time he's been out without his wooly full-head hat. He took a while chosing the hat though - was complaining about the hole at the back a bit. He is getting a reasonable layer of downy hair, although, where he had the radiotherapy boost to the back of his head, the hair is not coming back just yet (may always be thinner there we were told). According to the wii-fit, he'd lost a couple of pounds - just by not being tube-fed over the weekend...

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Ruth said...

Rhys has only had complan to eat this week, just one every morning and he's lost nearly a stone since Sunday. - As we discussed though, Rhys can afford the loss and has no trouble eating for 2 weeks out of 3. therefore he yo yo's this stone. He is brighter today,