Friday, March 6, 2009


So here are Llewellyn and his ill-fated dog, Gelert... they didn't 'win' but that didn't matter at all - they just had great fun and learned at the same time (I did too - notice that the lions on the shield are on their feet, not reared up...)
Later on they went to the Eisteddfod and witnessed a wonderful Llyfari (poetry recitation) competition where Ash did a great job, although didnt get through to the next round, but not as good as one of his best friends who won! This is pretty rare for their school. Other schools in the locality seem to put on a lot more pressure for results and they're a lot bigger so the 'talent pool' is bigger. On both counts we're very glad with what we've got.
Pads is on the sofa - he's pretty wobbly on his feet and woke up this morning needing pain relief for his throat. Another week passes with no school, but he's finished Inkspell and has started 'We didnt mean to go to sea' Still, we are on to a winner with the constant feeding and, so long as we can keep it up for another few weeks, we'll be in a far better place.
Wonderful message last night at the preaching rally with Pastor Malcolm Watts on the healing of blind Bartimeaus, 'I don't care whether you're a chapel goer or not. If you have never asked the Lord to save you, then you are lost.' Have you asked him to save you? If not, you must.

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