Thursday, April 30, 2009

Almost made it through a full day at school

Monday was very quiet (only getting dressed in the afternoon to take the dog for a walk). On Tuesday, although he had a disturbed night, he got up and went to the cycling safety lesson and then stayed in school until mid afternoon, when he had to go into hospital for a sight test. You may remember he was having quite acute double-vision. Thankfully it has almost gone, is totally gone if he remembers to correct the little that he actually gets. Then he went to golf in the evening too!
It was damp and dreary Wales today, no-one felt like getting out of bed. Pads was feeling tired and rotten at 8:15 but still managed to get to school on time! In fact, this was his first real go at a full day. He lasted until 2:40 but the classroom was just overwhelming - full of noise and he was worn out. Thanks to Auntie Sarah who took the call and collected him

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