Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday

Picture of Ash and Mol finishing off the Simnel cake.
We've had a pretty good day. All of us were out this morning to commemorate Good Friday. Pastor Dewi spoke wonderfully on the saying of Jesus, 'I have power to lay it down' (i.e. his life), although the Jews and Romans had a hand in it, in reality, he submitted to the need of our souls for a saviour and gave his life for us. The Justice of God demanded strict and full payment for our sins, but the Saviour answers to it in every way. His mission was authorised by the Father, the quality of his sacrifice was more than equal to the requirements of Justice, He was the spotless Lamb of God. And he dies. As he said, 'The Good Shepherd gives his life for the sheep'. Pastor pointed out that in reality, no normal shepherd would give his life for mere sheep like this. Blessed be Jesus - he did not shrink from giving his body and blood to earn our heaven as we could never do.
After that it was over to Peter and Sharon's for hot-cross buns. But Pads was fixated by the thought of having a burger. Instead of the forest walk and games that the Sunday School had organised, I took him off to McDonald's. Made a mistake ordering a 1/4 pounder cheeseburger, but P devoured it, leaving me just a nibble. Back home he was after a bowl of cerial too, but that was all for the day. The great thing was that he kept it all down, and we could start his tube feed while they watched Miracle Maker in the evening. Throughout today, Pads showed good energy and humour - a good Friday.

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