Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Thanks Mike!

My big sis Catherine has been encouraging her contacts to support LATCH. Now Mike Howell has decided to run the Edinburgh marathon and raise funds them. Fantastic! I've created a link to his 'justgiving' to my little list of links on the left. Just over a month to the big day... lets see if we can exceed his fundraising target! :-)

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Unknown said...

Hi Mike, thanks for your comments, its a pleasure on my part to do a something which does a little to aid a charity which can help you and Paddy in some way. I’ve been reading your blog and I think your doing a great job to illustrate the trials and tribulations of coping with your situation which seems to change from day to day. So far the fundraising is going really well...£110 already and I don’t even know many of the donators...your blog is obviously reaching out to a lot of people! It looks like we should easily exceed the target - I went for a fairly low figure as the marathon is not too far away but its now looking like I should set the bar a bit higher!