Monday, April 27, 2009

trying to sleep it off

Pads went to sleep feeling a bit ill and he was up before us to visit the loo but still has not been sick although he feels close to it... which he would welcome as he knows that will mean out with the tube and then two weeks without it. He's being very brave to keep himself from just tugging it out like many other children do. Sadly no way will he be doing the cycling safety lessons in school today... Without the tube in he'd probably be 'himself' enough to do it, without the tube his bodily health wouldn't be sustained.
Al and I were just remembering the trauma he had way back at the surgery time last August, with 5 lines in and that moment when the surgeon came and stiched his drain site up without any anaesthetic. He was telling me yesterday that he doesn't want to go anywhere near a hospital unless it's to visit someone.

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