Friday, May 15, 2009

Pads up, tube down

We were both there when he had the tube re-fitted by the nurse that usually visits us as home (in fact, she dealt with so many cases today that the staff put up a funny paper sign saying "Jane's ward"! In spite of full doses of 2 sedatives (medazolan and temazepam) he was still very upset before and as the tube went down. On reflection we could have done more psychologically (e.g. I had bought music to help him relax but didnt think of it this morning) as he seemed to override the sedatives with distress. But it was still not the fever pitch we reached the last time. Shortly after he was asking for a burger(!) so we dont seem to have the same level of 'hang-ups'. Let's hope this tube stays down for a bit too - he really needs to be able to flush the chemo out of his system and get other meds, like laxitives into his system.

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