Thursday, May 7, 2009

port 'accessed'

The day had already started poorly for Pads with some tummy woe so he didnt go to school with the others. At 9am the visiting chemo nurse called to access the port for bloods and to have it ready for chemo tomorrow. For some reason, we hadnt seen this coming and, not having sufficient chance to warn the patient, we agreed to put it off until later in the day. Not surprisingly, hearing that he was headed straight for another needle did nothing to cheer Pads up. When the nurse called by later, he was dreading it. He did not want to bear his chest but responded really well although his emotions were screaming at him to pull away. He didnt refuse verbally or physically - just cried a lot. Then it was over and he had some time to come to terms with it. I was very impressed. He can keep that line in now until after chemo next Friday, so neednt have another needle in until a week after that. The real balancing act will be to ensure he's dosed up with the laxitives and the anti-sickness meds. We are delighted he's managed to keep the tube down for 17 days - that's at least a 700 calorie boost per day (nearly 12000 in all)! The longer it stays in, the more positive it gets. But with chemo this weekend, the slightest thing could set him off and up it will come.

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