Thursday, May 28, 2009


'The lights went out' at about 5pm after he'd taken his sedative, but he'd possibly gone too deeply asleep. Once they'd brought him around enough to attempt the tube fitting he struggled quite fiercely, was choking, coughing and gasping, not swallowing, like he needs to to ease the passage.
He claims that he didnt realise that he was going to have the tube fitted. I'd been in discussions about it and been to the hospital pharmacy to get the dose. I cant really believe he didnt know what was happening - he asked me to clarify what the tablet was after it had gone down so possibly he just was 'in denial about it'. This morning he claims he was frightened. But it's hard not to see his reactions to the tube fitting last night as unreasonable, given that we have all made so much accommodation to do it on his own terms. But when you're spooked, you're spooked. The only thing to learn is that we need to make it never so explicit that the tube is coming.
Thankfully today he's talking, the pain in his throat and ear has gone - replaced by a bit of a hoarse cough - he's even talking about going to the Eisteddfod if we take the wheelchair. Also, his bloods are ok, although the HB is quite low - an adult with that count would have had a transfusion!
"I can face every situation through Christ who strengthens me" Phil 4:13

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