Tuesday, June 9, 2009

glimpses of Pads

When he's under the cosh of chemo etc., it's hard to remember how perky he can be. I think we could say he was 'back' again last evening. At the dinner table, the talk was of school sports (mabolgampau). We agreed that it seemed unlikely that Tawe (our family's house) would win again, with last year's Year 6 having been strong - and no Pads, I added. He miss-heard me, thinking I had said they were better off without him and I wont forget the look of dispair in a hurry. But no, while he doesnt seem all that fussed on sport, a level of dissinterestedness that is in itself also admirable, especially in the current climate of adulation of 'the great god Sport', actually his efforts have been considerable. Last year he came joint 1st in the shot-put and ran a key leg in the team's relay race. He was also determined to get into the school rugby side and did so several times, in spite of being in the lower year.
In other news, Asher is ecstatic at the call-up to the school tag-rugby team for a tournament in the Arms Park. Also, Rhys started his radiotherapy yesterday - he has 15 sessions over 3 weeks.

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