Monday, June 22, 2009

Gradual improvement

Yesterday, in spite of being quite flat, Pads was really up for going out to the evening service but he felt ill on the way and we had to turn around. He wanted distracting so I suggested a walk around the park. This turned into hard work: sometimes P couldnt face being pushed because it looked too bumpy, so he got out and walked - whichever mode, it was slow and painful. We were worn out but relieved to get home.
It was the long-awaited Mabolgampau (School Sports) today. Here's Bo on the rostrom for coming second in the straight race.
That was our only medal this year, with Moli having moved up and Pads looking on. But they all enjoyed the experience.
Pads has been making steady improvements, not fast enough for him though, having to take regular pain relief. The entral feeds are as vital as ever - he managed to consume 2/3 MacDonalds 1/4lb'er with cheese, thanks to Nick and Wendy's generous 'voucher'... but that was about it.
Catherine brought Mike Howell's Edinburgh Marathon medal for us to see - looking forward to Pads being able to contemplate doing something like that - he cant even be pushed around the Race For Life as he's male.
Wot no tube!?

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