Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Lows and highs

Pads was at quite a low point last night, things getting on top of him a bit (which also affected us somewhat), tired at the end of a day when he had had another awkward time in the school yard (just lots of questions he finds draining to deal with), and, even when we walked through the park, everyone seemed to be staring at him (I was pushing him around in his wheel-chair). I need to time these 'walks' better - so that they happen when the park is not so busy. Today is another day though. He was reflecting on the time he spent with pupils and teachers at Moli's school where everything is a lot milder and much more conducive to learning: he made friends instantly with a number of them and found all the teachers warmed to him quickly. At Moli's school I feel that he'll prosper there as well as anywhere. Speaking of Moli, she has her Grade 4 piano exam today. We dont find out if she's passed for a while.
I was stressing this morning to Pads that the treatment is clearly working. If he hadn't had it, he would certainly be showing up with at least the same as last year or worse. Even though it's gruelling, he can take heart that the treatment is being effective. He was so positive this morning that he was even saying that he could see he had learned a huge amount about cancer!

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