Monday, June 29, 2009

play abandoned for the day

After such a quiet day yesterday, he was up with the lark this morning and very bright - there was even a hint that he might make school. But by 8:30 he was worn out and suffering (squiffy, with stabbing pains from his PEG and generally feeling grotty). I've learned it's hard for him to answer the general, 'how are you?' question. It's less taxing if I ask a more precise question about his pain or the PEG or if he's feeling sick. He went back to bed, plugged into the i-player (great distraction) and he's comfortable again. At least his tummy has calmed down after a 'yoghurt injection' last night (a kind pharmacist we know suggested that some live yoghurt would do his gut good after the antibiotics). But he may also be getting bunged up by the vincristine - difficult balancing act!
But the upset of the day so far was starting a session with the play therapist only to have to call it off after 15 mins because he started to feel too ill. So, a dose of cyclizine, and back to bed with the i-player (some good educational stuff in there - although he's on Dr Who at the mo :-)

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