Monday, June 15, 2009

Scan completed and date set

Pads was very brave again for the venflon/needle. He had the pain-killing cream and watched a movie with earphones so as to block out what was happening. He was asking the Dr to wait a couple of times but when the needle was about to go in I was wondering how much he'd resist. He did yelp, 'no!' a couple of times but basically he was very good. When he could see there was no way out he stared intently at the screen and gritted his teeth.
Then it was over to the MRI scan. He's fine with this although he did get a bit claustrophobic at one point and asked for me to be in the room with him. It's a noisy long process.
The PEG fitting op is scheduled for Thursday, which will almost certainly budge chemo (due for Friday) along a bit - anything up to a week. Pads has had today's celebratory burger and can't wait to get rid of his NG tube.

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