Thursday, June 4, 2009

School today

With just over 2 weeks to go to the next chemo cycle, Pads made it into school today for the entire morning for the first time since 8th May. It was exhausting but very worthwhile.
Yesterday was also a quiet day although, with Asher off too (suffering from a slight dose of heatstroke, we think), by the afternoon, they were enjoying each other's company. Bo came back elated from a Quasar party, having achieved 'top gun', and, after we listened to the Lions thrashing the Golden Lions (amazing to play the last 10 mins or so with 14 men - interesting motivational tactic!!), I lit the chiminea and we enjoyed the last of the balmy weather on the patio, having a toasted marshmallow each. Pads expressed his desire to go to school.
In spite of getting to sleep quite late, and what he had was not particularly restful, this morning he was up and uniformed, having some cerial. With PE in the afternoons, he was getting the best out of the day.
We have an appointment with the Child Psychologist next week. By all accounts, she's excellent - we certainly enjoyed our initial meeting with her a couple of weeks ago. Then, it was just the parents. Next week it'll be Pads, the play therapist, the Child Psychologist and us. Let's see if we can work through some of his issues... He was saying about not feeling 'normal'. An example of this was tonight at dinner, when he was clearly enjoying sitting with us at the table about to try and eat a slither of quiche (kindly donated by Sarah). We all started but Pads only got as far as the first bite before having to remove it: he felt sure that swallowing it would make him ill. So that was just another 'wet fish slap in your face' from the treatment.
Well, he got to sleep at a reasonable time so hopefully he'll do school again tomorrow.


Ruth said...

Rhys is threatening to blow down Padi's feeding tube! Pad is sat in Rhys' chair with the remote control and 2 phones, eating a freshly laid, soft boiled egg with soldiers. They are comparing chemo stories and boasting about radiotherapy - priceless!!!!!

willbewill said...

God bless them both.