Saturday, June 13, 2009

Separate ways

I was looking for a chance to give Pads an outing, to replace the hike I did with each of the others. Pads has been wanting to use his Blue Peter Badge to get in free to something, but there are not that many attractions in our neck of the woods. We decided on SS Great Britain though and had a great time. There are many amazing things about this 'museum', the conservation work, the story of bringing her back from the Falklands, the adapations made during her working life, the innovative design... The staff were very friendly and all was very accessible for P in his wheelchair (we even got to use the disabled elevator housed in the funnel!).
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Meanwhile, the rest of the family headed west, to Rest Bay. Cousin Llyr had inspired this trip because it will be the only chance this summer to visit the beach (knee operation) and many of them had finished exams. Pics care of Neil at:

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