Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Eventful trip to swimming pool

He was really bright this moring after a long lay. I lost count of the times he said, 'I love you'.
Later, after a trip to the barrage, overall, it was pretty momentous that he even wanted to enter the International Pool. They'd all gone there for a little outing with a couple of school-mates. It took a while to sort all the children out, and Pads with his port needle and PEG tube needing stuck down. He'd got into the water and made it to the other side in the care of big sister. But the dressing leaked and he got into a bit of a tizz. Moli found mum. Pads was feeling ill, but he wasnt going to make it to the toilet and had to make do with the changing cubicle. Moli (due some 'being impressive ticks') took charge of the others so that mum could deal with P.

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