Friday, August 21, 2009

go/no go? no-go

We took a 'rain check' at noon after he'd been to see the consultant and had his chemo. We deliberated for a while but decided to take the low/no risk option of keeping him at home.
One of the scarier bits of news today was that his bloods were actually quite low on many counts today. Credit to the Dr last Sunday who could not account for the massive improvement reported by the previous count. That must have been some kind of mistake because his counts today are 'on the floor'. He would not have fought off the infection without that Dr prescribing anti-biotics and he is quite anaemic. Added to the stuff I mentioned this morning, although we were a bit torn, it was a fairly easy decision not to take Pads east in the end. Hopefully, a quiet, recuperative sort of day in prospect.

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