Thursday, August 27, 2009

Tim and Jo's wedding

We all had a great day with the wedding today. This was greatly helped by the fact that Pads' bloods were so low yesterday that they had to act to bring him back up. Platelets 14, Neuts 0.36, and crucially, Hb was 7.5 - the trigger level is 8. So I stayed with him for the infusion last evening, uncertain of whether this would mean an overnight stay, hoping we'd get out even if it got late. Various delays meant that the 2 units of blood and one of platelets eventually went through at 2am and then, adding the 'tin hat', he was ill - too fast for me to get a receptacle... So we got out at 2.30am and asleep by 3.
Although we had a late night, today he was really 'pumped' and although he couldnt face eating at the reception, the thought of decorating the bride and groom's car got him running for the fastest and furthest I've seen in twelve months.

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Susanna said...

was lookiong at your pictures and suddenyl realised it was the Blanches! Small world huh!