Thursday, August 13, 2009

Visit from a good mate

Pads was really lifted today by the expectation and then realisation of a visit from his best friend from school. He was up early and then was having a rare old time. Hopefully he'll sleep well after that. We must line up a couple more of these.
I didnt mention that last Friday Pads had to endure a finger-prick. This was because the Dr had ordered a blood sugar test after Pads had said he didnt feel very well. This seemed to alarm the medical staff, what with him being on a different drug, they were watching him very carefully. Needless to say, he was entirely reluctant to surrender his pinky but the Dr was having none of it. He's due chemo (vincristine) tomorrow using the same line in his port that was inserted last week, then he'll be free of it again. Who knows, perhaps he'll be willing to consider finger pricks... But, since the new drug makes his kidneys a bit more leaky (in terms of losing vital minerals like potassium and magnesium) , they'll want to do more than just the full blood count, which will require more than a finger prick anyway. Yesterday he admitted that he knows that when I turn into the room the game is up as far as resisting/messing about with having a needle inserted.


Ruth said...

i like the new comment boxes Mike, but wonder should there be a worrying or distressing one - negative I know but that's how it feels sometimes.

Your info is always interesting and it is lovely to be able to keep up to date on a daily basis. People know what to pray for etc. Living in the wringer!!!!!!

Susanna said...

hmm- I don't dare tick the box but I gaev a wry grin when he admitted he knew he had to comply when dad enters the room.......maybe my children will realise that one day!