Saturday, September 5, 2009

Excellent holiday in Pagham

We're back from Pagham. This was a CLIC-Sargent caravan - thus free! The site wireless network was very patchy, which accounts for the lack of recent updates.
Pads' blood transfusion the week before made it possible to do quite a lot. The main reason for selecting that region was to easily link up with Grandad and his Nicholson 32 Holly, which he keeps in Birdham.
Saturday: settled in and popped over to meet up with Holly
Sunday: We all greatly appreciated the morning service at Providence Chapel but Pads was rested for the evening.
Monday: Spent the whole day aboard Holly - small boys and Ally spent the night aboard.
Tuesday: Pads, Moli and I met up with Holly and the others at Ichenor to give the boys a chance to steer but the wind was too strong to allow a prolonged trip.
Wednesday: Off for a blood test to Portsmouth. Pads willing for a thumb prick to get the red stuff out! Then to the historic dockyard to see HMS Victory - wore Pads out a bit!
Thursday: Enjoyed site amenities - including pool and crazy golf. We all did the latter, dodging blustery showers! Out to Nando's (restaurant) in the evening.
Friday: Another visit to Portsmouth to get a blood test done. Then off to the Isle of Wight to meet up with the donkey that Catherine had adopted for Pads for his 11th birthday.
Saturday: Visiting Uncle David and Auntie Susan. Home safe and sound by 6:40pm
Photos to come - but first - bed!

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