Saturday, September 19, 2009

Revenge - Padz style

Yesterday's chemo session passed off without incident. In an interview with one of the consultants he's found an outlet for revenge on his tumour - sending it to the Children's Cancer and Leukaemia Group Tissue Bank! Healthcare is a lot more sensitive about human tissue since Alder Hey - Padz had to sign and initial statements giving consent, and say that he'd understood the implications, as did mum. "I agree for samples of my blood, tumour, bone marrow and other tissues to be stored and used for current and future biological research projects relating to childhood cancer." The fact that only a few cells from the tumour are getting stored didnt matter - this was payback time! Padz delight moved to a new level when he heard that the tumour is currently pickled in a jar - good enough for it too!
The consultant said how pleased they are with the way his body is holding up to being chemo bashed. The carboplatin is going to be pretty harsh on his bone marrow, so his blood counts are going to take a severe dip this cycle. Thankfully the school seem very up-to-speed about the consequences for those with compromised immune systems. She added that we'll soon have to start talking about what happens after chemo ends - probably a visit to the endocrinologist (sorry couldnt find a better link), although everyone says how much he's grown!

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