Thursday, October 1, 2009


Pads' HB was down to 8.1 this morning and since it was only heading in one direction, i.e. down, the medical staff agreed to line him up for a transfusion. He's had the port accessed (i.e. they stick a large bent needle into it) to get the blood for testing. He would have had a finger-prick but with the expectation of a low count requiring a transfusion and having chemo tomorrow, it saved him one more 'sharp scratch'. He'd quite like to think he only has four of these left, but there will be more even after treatment ends.
Meanwhile, the rest of us have to have the flu jab, just by dint of being in close contact with him - Boaz and mum were lined up today and handled it very well.

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Ruth said...

Rhys is having his flu jab in 2 weeks. I'm having one too.

Rhys still very wobbly on his pins. We've applied for his blue badge. He falls or stumbles at least once a day. His teeth are sensitive so eating is still an issue, as is his non existent saliva. However he is now the proud owner of a tube of false spit.

I'm glad Padi will have blood tomorrow - the last lot gave him such a boost!