Wednesday, October 14, 2009

never happier than when in hospital watching basil brush

Well it was a bit 'miz' in the small hours when they said he might have swine flu. They wouldnt let him onto the ward without a mask and then, having assessed him, he was moved to an isolation room on Ocean Ward, where they're treating all the suspected or actual cases of swine-flu. Hooked up to IV anti-biotics, a swab of the back of his throat was taken and the results should be back by the end of the day. After a dose of calpol his state improved and now he's fairly happy in his own room. Ally got to sleep by about 6. As she also has a cough, Ally's also not supposed to emerge from the room without a mask. Bo is still ill home from school with a temp and fairly lifeless so we're grateful to those who have helped get the other two to school today.

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