Wednesday, November 4, 2009

catch up day

Although he tried chocolate on Sunday, he still thought better of it afterwards so that one's still on hold. This is a shame because I now have loads of it after yesterday...
On arriving at school today he started to feel ill and Al had to bring him home. He's now sleeping. Part of the reason for that might be getting to be a bit late night last night after my 40th birthday fellowship meeting. Before that we'd been to the Mexican restaurant for a family gathering and before that, for a photo-shoot in the park. So it'd been a busy day. Anyway, he's been back in school for two full days this week and will hopefully get there again tomorrow. On Monday we were encouraged, if not amazed, to learn that he'd done too much maths last week; furthermore, that work has been marked with a flurry of ticks!

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Ruth said...

well done Pads.

Rhys' PET scan results show that the cancer has gone. The consultant phoned today to give us the good news.