Saturday, November 7, 2009

Chemo dip first signs

Pads has just started to show signs of heading down into his last chemo dip - says he's feeling heavy. He was craving an Airfix so Ally's been to get him a Stealth Fighter. He enjoys putting them together but painting is too much of a faff. So the deal is that he doesnt have to pay us anything if he paints it.
Yesterday he was brilliant for the needle into his port - no asking the nurse to wait or anything. He had the full dose of the three drugs: vincristine, carboplatin, lomustine. I do not think this is any kind of record but it is very good that he's been able to have so much, greatly enhancing his chances of the cancer not returning.
It takes a while for the chemo to 'kick in' so he ate some pot noodle and was full of life yesterday - making it out to the first Tabernacle Cardiff Friday Fellowship in the evening.Pads plus pot noodle, returned from chemo
Care of the PEG tube site involves turning it at regular intervals and this can cause a bit of inflamation. He's got a bit of an itch around it today so we're hoping this isnt an infection.
Pads plus PEG-tube & feed pump

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