Friday, November 20, 2009

Perhaps his last overnighter...

No harm in hoping... We started the day expecting a very positive, painless and quick fix to Pads' current problems through a blood transfusion. He's been very wobbly and weary. However, the blood wasnt ready when he got in and, because his temp rose to 37.5 in the afternoon, he's stayed in overnight as a precaution. They've started him on oral antibiotics after carefully examining him and deciding that the redness around his PEG site is worth worrying about.
It was a slightly frustrating evening, trying to decide if he was or was not ok to come home: would he spike in the night? would he be disturbed by being joined in the double-bedder by another patient? He would probably sleep much better at home, which aids his recovery. This is all pretty small fry compared some of the more 'life or death' problems, but it's all 'part of'. Hopefully they'll have a fairly quiet night and get out reasonably early tomorrow.

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