Friday, December 18, 2009

The end of chemo

Pads had a full day yesterday - going to school and then out in the evening at the Welsh Carol Service. He stood up at 7:30 but felt terrible. His tummy was hurting a lot - possibly caused by the routine moving of his PEG tube. He missed out on the final day in school which Moli greatly enjoyed. Instead of 'bring a toy' and watch DVD's, they played all sorts of party games - real 'let your hair down' stuff at the end of a hard term. It was great that three of Pads primary-school pals could come over for a small scale party. They roared with laughter at 'Monsters vs. Aliens' - only Pads got the Close Encounters of the Third Kind references, having watched it while he was ill earlier this year. They enjoyed four-player Mario Cart on the wii and then it was time for party food: pizza, garlic bread, coke, brownie cake. He ate nothing but did a good job of blowing his candles out to a somewhat atonal 'happy penblwydd' (saves having to sing it twice, in English and Welsh).
So this was officially the last day of his last cycle. Chemo started on 2nd January 2009. Yesterday Ally spoke to one of P's consultants about his clear scan result. They said he should do well and put that down to the excellence of the surgery and effectiveness of the ensuing treatment regime. After the party, the plan was to go to the Friday Fellowship carol service but Pads had to pull out - just too tired.


Susanna said...

Praying for a happy and healthy Christmas time for you all- Praise the Lord for keeping Pads (and all of you) through this treatment. And that party sounds like fun!

Barbara Pinyan said...

May you all have a very Merry Christmas. Something that you may want to look into for Pads they are the best there is. If you need more info then just let me know.
Merry Christmas and may God bless you all :-).