Saturday, December 12, 2009

on the up

Very glad to report that Pads is feeling quite well. He's still quite tired in the mornings but later on in the day he's positively buzzing. Yesterday Ally was working the brain-tumour clinic and met one of P's Drs. He was tutting about how awful the 'Packer protocol' is, the treatment regime that Pads is on. Adults and children get the same doses. Vincristine was a particularly nasty drug, by all accounts... The Dr predicted a further few months of unpleasant side-effects. For us though, we're just happy to be seeing some signs of improvement.

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Ruth said...

Rhys is still having some side effects from the treatment. He had vincristine too. However it is wonderful to be post treatment for them both at least there is no top up of the poisons.

Pad managed a short walk into our local pet shop yesterday but was soon asking to sit down. He was keen to go and look though which is an improvement.