Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Pads was very good for the scan earlier today. It started around 9:30, with emla cream to numb the area where they insert a venflon to inject dye. He's learned that if they put this into his arm, as opposed to his hand, the medics have a higher hit rate. His major coping mechanism this time was to 'kill' mum's arm. But actually he was excellent for it. Perhaps the worst thing was that an emergency jumped the queue for the scanner, which meant quite a long delay. The whole thing was quite protracted though, hitches with the machinery, etc. and the scanner room itself was cold. They'd given him a blanket, one of those rather thin hospital ones... At home earlier he had admitted to being claustrophobic in the scanner, but we assured him he was on the better side of normal, to say the least - some people simply cant cope with being inside the machine for that long. A 'failed scan', they call it. At 13:30 Ally was feeling under pressure to get to the boys' School Christmas show, due to start at 13:45 and P still had the needle to get out. Thankfully the nurses were sympathetic and they were released quickly, but there was some confusion getting to the car and P ended up walking further than planned, which exhausted him. They arrived at the show at 13:55
Ash and Bo did a great job of their lines and sang enthusiastically, as did all of the other children. The huge concerted efforts of parents, teachers, aids and the children themselves, made for a wonderful performance. I'm not sure the central message of Christmas was actually to the fore, unless it really is 'friendship, families, and giving', as wonderful as those things are. However, the extreme glory of the Lord Jesus Christ, co-eternal with the Father and the Holy Ghost, decending to our low estate to mercifully redeem implacable enemies from the pit they willingly dug and jumped right into... God, so often acused of winding up creation and failing to intervene in history, plunged into this fallen world, in the Person of his only Son, to redeem us in the most extraordinary way - by living perfectly under the very law he authored, so that when he dies on Calvary's cross, he can swap his perfect life for our deserved judgement. That's worth getting excited about, and even singing about:
Sing, choirs of angels, Sing in exaltation,
Sing, all ye citizens of heaven above.
Glory to God in the highest.
Oh come let us adore him,
Christ the Lord!
We should know the scan result on Friday. Hopefully P will yet go to school this week, even though today was quite exhausting.

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Ruth said...

so thankful the scan was clear