Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Swine flu jab

Pads was brilliant for his swine flu jab, but as he wandered out of the surgery he started to complain of being too hot, even though he didnt have his jumper on and it's about 6 degrees C: ' I dont feel good' (code for about to be ill). Al pushed him outside, he was ill there and went bright red. It may have just been a normal being sick but he said, his face 'went really tight'. And indeed his face was blown up - eyes like slits, blotchy, and he was collapsing. This didnt phase the Dr or nurse but I had a call to help and when I arrived he certainly looked puffy. But he was talking and his BP and temp was fine. Two hours later after piriton he still looked odd. Later the consultant phoned to talk about his hair loss but she said he must have had a reaction to the jab.
The scan appointment came though for 15th December.
Meanwhile, Moli was in out of hours surgery at 8pm. At 5 she came over all hot, cold, achey. Suspected infection. Ironically they saw the rather abrupt Dr who diagnosed Pads with torticollis (that was 5 Drs away from spotting his intercranial pressure in August 2008): 'we've met before' says Al gently. 'I came with my son and he had torticollis, but it turned out to be a brain tumour.' More than a little horrified the Dr repined, 'It was an unusual presentation. I am so sorry'. One by one we'll see them all at this rate!

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Ruth said...

that swine flu jab can give all sorts of reactions. When Rhys and I had ours we were told to sit in the waiting room for 10 minutes afterwards.- Never had that before for a jab.

Every time we see our GP he apologises for taking so long for a correct diagnosis to be made for Rhys - yet he knew at Rhys' 2nd "tonsilitis" appt that it was a mass and wrote that on the sick notes