Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Slight hiccup

So we landed a little late at Bristol - 10.15 last night. I walked off to bring the car over. It started first time. So I hopped out to scrape the frost from the windows. When I'd finished, the door wouldn't open. That was a moment of extreme 'sinking feeling'.
Meanwhile ally was battling to retrieve Pad's wheelchair (disabled assistance at Bristol had been poor on the way up too) and our mobile phones were running out of juice. My other phone was now locked in the car with my coat and left glove, and I didn't have Moli's number in the BlackBerry. The RAC took ages to get hold of - 'your call is in a queue...'
It was late and we needed to get Pads to bed so the Holiday Inn offered to take the family to their place for a reduced rate and I waited by the car. The RAC man was really kind and effective, but I was pretty chilled by 1.30am, walking up and down to keep warm or standing near the chugging exhaust.
Not being that familiar with Bristol, I then took a 40 minute detour to the central branch of the Holiday Inn. After a post mortem and prayer, the parent's got to bed at 3am.
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