Friday, February 19, 2010

Joy at the kismet

Joy at the kismet, originally uploaded by agent_mikejohnson.

It's the last day of half term and, after 18 months, Pads finally got his wish to re-visit the Kismet. He likes it because it's inexpensive and the onion barjis are very good and plentiful. Although it looks quite empty behind the boys, looking the other way was a different story - that's the buffet end: the famous 'all you can eat' buffet costs just £2.95 a head - increased recently from the £2.50 it had been for many years.
The main feature of the week was a guest pass, kindly donated by friends, at a local sports centre. So Pads got his badminton 'fix', Bo had his first squash session. The pool there is very nice too although Pads is still unable to use that. It is said that a waterproof dressing on the PEG site should enable him to have a dip. But, after he tried it the first time, shortly after the PEG operation, the dressing failed and got waterlogged quickly, so he's not been fussed to repeat the experience.

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