Sunday, May 16, 2010

Popped in for a checkup

Pads felt his neck sore this morning and it worried him sufficiently so that he wanted to go into hospital to have a checkup. There was a lot of waiting around and he got into a bit of a lather about it. No beds were available so they were sat in the 'quiet room' (designed as a kind of prayer room) for almost an hour until the fancy dim lighting and spartan benching was driving him nuts. He began pacing the corridor until being noticed by a nurse who kindly enquired of his status and opened the day beds room for him to at least lie down. He was much more at peace plugged into 'Hook'(movie). Eventually he was checked and nothing showed up. He didn't really trust that outcome but wasn't in any position to argue.
The next few weeks will be very significant in terms of the real and phoney 'war': PEG out, thyroxin taking effect, and June's scan (hopefully brought forward a little bit). Pads has almost certainly just been pulled down by a virus and any twinge is worth mentally raking over. Probably no school again tomorrow.
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