Wednesday, May 26, 2010

You couldnt make it up

How is he? His usual bubbly self for most of the day. He knows the ropes. The day was passing slowly for them until mid afternoon when the nutrition nurse (looks after people with PEGs), the specialist chemo nurse, the surgeon, and several others descended on his room at once. They put the surgeon off because I was trying to get back to be included in the meeting. The reason I was not there was that Moli had fallen off a chair in school, sustaining a cut that needed stitches. This was not going to happen without a general anaesthetic. Considering how close we live to the hospital Pads is in, when the ambulance took Moli to the Royal Gwent it added another twist of complexity to the weeks events. I had never expected to complete two consent forms in one day! There's a space on the form for you to opt out of certain aspects of the treatment. I wondered which of the stitches or anaesthetic Moli would choose to not have...
Once again, family and friends have been a wonderful support. Sarah and Hannah were there for Moli's needle and Sarah it was who took over from me this afternoon so that I could return to Cardiff in time to give consent for Pads. Moli emerged from theatre at about 8pm - the irony of visiting his sister in hospital tonight was in no way lost on her brother. She should be out tomorrow. Pads surgery is expected to take until noon, if not later and he'll probably be in for a week.

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Fieldsfamilyof7 said...

Malcolm asked us to pray along with you. We may be on the other side of the pond but our God hears all our prayers, near or far. Your sister in Christ, Angel