Saturday, June 5, 2010

Plaster off

After a quiet morning yesterday, Mum and Pads went to Cardiff Bay for an icecream - getting to be a bit of a theme... Cadwalader's struck them as being pretty good value.
I was pleased to attend a LATCH dad's 'chillout' event at a nearby golf-course. The weather was fantastic - far outshining my rubbish attempts at golf. Amongst 14 other 'cancer-dads', I felt slightly like the wrong person to talk to after the shock result and surgery of last week, but, of course, all the others have similarly difficult stories.
It was great to welcome Asher and Boaz back. They had been to Aberystwyth with Auntie Sarah since Tuesday, many thanks to her (again!). They'd amply made up for the cancelled caravan family holiday, doing all kinds of fun things (getting soaked on the sea front, visiting feeding time with hundreds of red kites, eisteddfod watching cousin Llŷr and his choir, etc. etc... so much that Asher's just spent the whole morning writing it up for homework!).
We took a call from the consultant to organise a meeting and that'll be on Monday at noon. She'd had a good conversation with Alderhay, so much so that it seems unlikely that we'll need to visit there. She's also trying to organise a lumbar puncture (further checking for mobile cancer cells) and a 'Mic-Key button' (replaces 'George') to be done under the same anasthetic.
Later on, Auntie Sarah (with her wound expert hat on this time) helped us move on with the strip of plaster. After carefully applying some Zoff (disolves the adhesive), Pads reclined in the bath and the plaster came off. I did take a picture to show Pads what was underneath but that's not really fit for general consumption (4 inch scar)!

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